Guillaume Vermeylen currently teaches various subjects related to economics: - Economics (Bachelor) - Companionship (Bachelor) - Economics of European Integration (Master) - International and European Economics (Master) - International Finance (Master) - Advanced Economic Policy Seminar (MPES) - Principles of Economics (MPES) - Principles of Economics (Complementary Block)
Guillaume Vermeylen completed his PhD thesis under the joint supervision of ULB (Solvay Brussels School, E. M.) and UMONS (Faculté Warocqué) entitled "The Impact of Educational Mismatch on Firm Productivity, Wages and Productivity-Wage Gaps in Different Working Environment". His current research interests are the effects of various employment policies and mainly the effects of educational mismatch on worker and firm performance. His research also focuses on international economics and macroeconomics and more specifically, the importance of firm positioning in the value chain.